Who is Sesh?

Hey there!   I’m Meredith Wheeler, the founder and resident girl boss supporter of Sesh Coworking. With me in this journey is Maggie Segrich, Co-Founder and resident girl boss facilitator. We are so thrilled you have found Sesh Coworking.

We are a community of professional, cultivated and fearless women seeking support, balance, and success in our lives.  

We are women making it happen everyday no matter how small the steps must be.  We are women that know where you work and who you work with matters.  We are graphic designers, consultants, lawyers, photographers, artists, service providers, bloggers,  - the list goes on.  

We do not define ourselves by our titles because our titles are many and performed simultaneously.  

We do not judge.  We empower.  We do not hold back.  We lift up.  We do not shy away - we approach.  And we desire more than the status quo.  We deserve more than the status quo.  You deserve more than the status quo.  And we do not stop until we've achieved it.  And we should not have to do it alone.   

What can we do for you?  

Whether you work from home full time, side hustle or work corporate - we are your community.  

There is no other place in Houston where you can choose like-minded females as your coworkers.  Where you can choose to achieve your goals and support the big picture at the same time.

Interested in joining us?

We’d love to have you and more importantly, our community needs you!


One-time a year payment of $189

Save $75!


month-to-month payments of $25

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