Terms and COnditions of Membership


Sesh membership is open to:

  • Any female or non-binary person who is striving to achieve big goals and sees the benefit of being surrounded by others who are doing the same.

Once a member submits an application, it is reviewed by the Sesh team. If approved, the applicant receives an automated welcome message as a new member with login details into the member area of the Sesh website. Applicants who are not approved will be contacted by Sesh individually: either with a request for further information or informing the applicant of Sesh's decision to decline the application.

Sesh reserves its right not to fulfill or to cancel a member application at anytime.

If a member is accepted into Sesh membership and subsequently it turns out that any or all of the information they provided was misleading or false: Sesh reserves its right to revoke the membership with immediate effect, without the right of appeal.

Conditions of membership - Membership period

In general membership runs for 12 consecutive months from the date when a member has applied and their application has been approved.

Community Membership: Members subscribed to this type of membership will be subjected to a standard renewal process while this type of membership is in place. Members subscribed to community membership will receive a notification from Sesh requesting and reminding them to update their member profile.

Members are reminded to keep their profile and Preferences up-to-date so they receive the most suitable communications from Sesh.

Conditions of membership - Membership cancellation

A member of Sesh who has subscribed to Sesh membership can cancel their membership anytime by contacting Sesh in writing at meredith@girlsesh.com.

Members who cancel their membership are removed from membership with effect from the date on which their resignation is received by Sesh and all their member benefits and rights cease at that time.

Conditions of membership - Individual members' obligations

Sesh expects of its members the highest standards of dignity, fairness and integrity. These values and expectations form the basis of Sesh Code of Conduct that members are requested to abide.

Code of Conduct

Sesh Members will offer respect, support and general kindness to each and every member within the group and to the general public outside the group.


Members may be invited to events organized by Sesh or by its partners if such events are considered to be of value and benefit to members such as educational and networking opportunities. Our events may be subject to separate terms and conditions. Please check these at the time of booking.

Price Information

Any fees displayed on the Sesh website are subject to change without notice. We reserve the right to increase the price of products and services on a regular basis. If this would be related to services subscribed by existing members, members will be informed in advance.