Frequently Asked Questions

What is Sesh?

We are an all-female inclusive coworking community of empowered, cultivated and fearless go-getters based in Houston, Texas seeking support, balance, success and growth in our working and personal lives.  

We work in all industries, in all fields and at all levels but are united in our desire to grow our businesses, careers and selves.  We are entrepreneurs, freelancers, creatives, telecommuters, work-at-home mothers, corporate employees.  

The only prerequisite to joining is a supportive and open attitude. 

The Community Membership is a limited offer for current Sesh coworking members and it allows you to have access to the online system, exclusive offers, and the potential to renew your membership at a reduced rate when Sesh procures a space. The membership is valid for 12 months or pro-rated for when Sesh coworking moves into a dedicated space.

How does the Community Membership work?

Why was Sesh created?

Sesh was created in order to provide ambitious females and non-binary persons with a place and group to call their own.  Most female-centered spaces revolve around motherhood (think Stroller Strides) or leisure -based activities (think the salon or BYOB painting studios).  While these are wonderful spaces providing support to women in the context of parenthood or relaxation, there are no spaces in the Houston area which cater to the working woman.  

As women, we are more than just motherhood and leisure (though many of us are mothers and few of us could argue against a relaxing pedicure).  We have roles and wear many hats.  We have goals, dreams, aspirations, careers, businesses - and because we are women, we fully intend to give our full selves to each of these.  

By creating Sesh, we hope to fill this gap by serving the needs of the working women.  Finding a community of ambitious, like-minded women should not be counted as lucky, but as necessity.  

Make room for us, Houston - we're coming through.

What is coworking?

Coworking is the idea of individual workers coming together in a shared space to experience increased productivity and a sense of community.  The workers typically work on their won individual projects however, it is common for collaborations to bloom in this type of setting.  In general, people who cowork with others typically derive more meaning from their work, experience greater satisfaction in their work/life balance and and have greater confidence to name a few.

While there are many different styles of coworking, the Sesh philosophy is and will always be community first.

Any woman or non-binary person who is striving to achieve big goals and sees the benefit of being surrounded by other badass persons who are doing the same. 

Who can join Sesh?

A coworking session is simply a defined time and place in which like-minded go-getter females gather to work on individual projects, collaborate, share resources, request feedback and form authentic bonds.  

The first half hour of the coworking sesh is designated for whole group discussion typically consisting of introductions, topics of interest, challenges and/or resource sharing.  

At the conclusion of the discussion, members can choose to work on their individual projects solo or continue to discuss with other members.  

What happens at the coworking sessions?

Yes there are!  Stick with us because opening a space of our own has always been the goal.  Once our membership is high enough, we can move forward!

Are there plans to open a Sesh Coworking Space?