Welcome our New Co-Founder!

Meredith Wheeler & Maggie Segrich, Houston's First Female-Focused Coworking Game-Changers | Sesh Coworking

It is with such great pride and excitement that we announce the addition of Maggie Segrich to the Sesh Coworking team!

Maggie will be joining as a Co-Founder and brings with her extensive experience in community building, business development and leadership. Most importantly, Maggie carries with her the very same passion and drive that propelled me to begin Sesh Coworking back in April of 2017.

Maggie and I originally met during a Sesh Coworking event in August after she moved from New York to Houston with her family. A jewelry designer by trade, she began clearing her calendar to attend Sesh Coworking events regularly and we became fast friends.

Maggie Segrich, Co-Founder Sesh Coworking, Houston's first female-focused coworking

Maggie exhibits a level of enthusiasm and ambition beyond what is typically found in others.

When living in New York, Maggie, a small business owner herself, recognized the need for community and support between the small business owners of the Rivertowns where they lived. She took it upon herself to organize, develop and run the Rivertowns’ first Chamber of Commerce, leading a network of over 100 local business owners for three and half years.

You may know Maggie by way of her custom jewelry company, Alice & Chains Jewelry (@aliceandchainsjewelry). Maggie plans to continue designing her beautiful one-of-a-kind pieces while taking on the exciting role as Co-Founder for Sesh Coworking.

3 Goal Setting Myths + Truths


It's that time again when no one eats cake anymore because they are all on a diet for the new year. My head spins from the conversations about what people are giving up, losing, or finally going to change this year.

Today, I chose three myths to tackle with a mindset shift for each.


This dream is too big, "I can't do that, it's reaching too high". Conversely, there's also a pervasive fear of playing too small, "I really want this, but am afraid it's not big or important enough."


There is a myth in the air that goal setting is only for HUGE plans. If you're not aiming for a million dollars or to change the world, then you shouldn't even get out of bed, let alone set a goal. Relax people! The point isn't to be as big as Oprah or Tony Robbins...tomorrow. Goal setting is about clarifying what your personal best life looks like, so that you can move forward with purpose. Being your best self and living a life that brings you joy does serve the world! The ripple effects are huge.

I know that I have been inspired most in my life by people who are living their truth on purpose. Quietly, consistently, joyfully staying in their truth. Yes, I am inspired by the huge world-changing goals such as the purpose of Rachel Hollis motivating women around the country Tony Robbins-style.

But I am also inspired by a friend, who is environmentally-focused, to switch to cloth napkins and ditch paper at home. Her goal wasn't to change the world - her goal was to reduce paper waste in her home. And that inspired me to do the same.

Your dream is your dream. Your goals are your own. They are not up for judgement and there is no comparison. Be who you are, love what you love, and stay true to your path. You may never know how far your ripple goes.


I'll set this New Year's resolution to fix that thing that I hate about myself or my life.


New Year's resolutions like "lose 40 lbs" or "get out of debt" may sound like things you want, but I have to tell you, it's like running a marathon -- backwards. When you are running (or even driving for that matter), you move towards the place you are looking. It has been said that if you're in the lead, the fastest way to lose a race is to look behind you. Where you are looking, where your eyes are focused, is where you will go. So it stands to reason that the weight or the debt are things you want to leave behind, right?

Where do you want to go? What are you moving towards? Keep your eyes on the positive end result that you want. Flip the script.

Lose 40 lbs becomes: Feel good in my body by moving and exercising three times per week. Play outdoor games with my children. Find a menu plan that works with my schedule that's full of delicious, healthy food that fuels my body.

Get out of debt becomes: Take a financial literacy class. Create a budget that allows me to feel confident and aligned in my spending and saving habits. Work with a financial planner to be able to send my kids to college with ease.

You are not bad. There's nothing 'wrong' with you that you need to fix with a New Year's resolution. You'll be amazed at how fast things change and how good you feel when you focus on something that lifts you up.


I tried setting goals but I have failed to reach them. I will fail again and feel bad, so I don't set goals or resolutions anymore.


Is a dollar bill worth anything less than a dollar if you tell it repeatedly that it's not worth that much? If you disparage that dollar bill enough, will it lose value? If you hand it to someone behind a register will they look at you and say, "I'm sorry, this dollar bill is worthless and you should throw it away. Do you have another more accomplished dollar bill in your wallet?” Nope, not gonna happen. The same is true of you.

Setting goals is not a pass/fail binary! Allow yourself the grace to say, “I tried getting there one way and something about that didn't work, perhaps I can find a way that will”. Goal setting can be incredibly empowering, even if you don't get it right on the first try. Switch up the word failed for the word learned. It's a great way to flip the script in your own head regarding goal setting or anything else in your life for that matter.

I have so many more radical and fun ideas about goal setting and achieving your purpose in a new way and I'll be sharing a few of them when I take over the @GirlSesh Instagram on Thursday, January 17th.

I'll also be sharing my full goal setting practice at the Visual Goal Setting workshop on January 24, 2019, 9 AM - 12 PM at The Creative Chateau and I hope you’ll join me! Ticket information can be found here.

Alignment, focus, and envisioning your ideal future with a group of like-minded, goal-oriented women in a historic Parisian-style apartment in Houston surrounded by creativity and art supplies, led by a visual artist. Can you think of a better way to spend a morning?

Why and How to Use Stock Photos


I'll be totally frank with you - I used to think that stock photos were a cope out.  A lazy, illegitimate, unauthentic way of obtaining and sharing photos.  And you know what?  That way of thinking was crap.  Like many entrepreneurs in the digital space (so, uh, everyone?), I wanted my site and social media accounts to be visually appealing, stimulating and cohesive.  I enjoy photography as a hobby, but I never felt the desire to pursue it as an integral piece of my work.  About a year ago, I decided stock photos made the most sense for my goals for Sesh and I have never looked back.

Why use stock photos?

Stock photos have saved me SO MUCH TIME.  I used to spend hours planning shoots, styling shoots, setting up shoots, actually shooting the photoshoots, editing shoots.  I enjoyed it to an extent, but it wasn't getting me much closer to my goals.  For Sesh, stock photos integrated easily into my business objectives.  

The other reason why I use stock photos is because it makes achieving a cohesive look so attainable.  When shooting my own visual content, I was constantly seeking props which fit the brand's colors, themes and style.  I always had one eye wandering when out and about for that perfectly suited background or photographic situation.  For me personally, it became quite exhausting.  With the stock services I use, I can be strategic with my visual content without it taking up my every waking thought.

What can stock photos be used for?

Stock photos can be used for pretty much everything from social media to websites to print materials.  You can even manipulate stock photos with graphics and text for a more specific look by using apps such as Canva or A Color Story.  You will need to check each stock site individually because they all have different licensing agreements, standards and rules.  Some may have different terms and prices for printed materials.

To pay or not to pay?

For regular use and guaranteed brand fit, I say expect to pay.  You can of course find some ways around though if you're willing to spend the extra time on it.  Some sites like Death to Stock and others offer freebie photo packs when you sign up for their emails.  The chances of these free photos resonating with your brand is slim however.

Where to find good stock photos?

This is the question of the hour.  I imagine it's probably why you're reading this post to begin with, so let's not waste another moment.  The top two resources that I use regularly through paid subscription accounts are Adobe Stock and the Bloguettes stock service, Stock that Rocks.  It goes without saying, but do read the terms of service for each site.  Most sites do not require a contract, but some, like Adobe Stock, have a minimum amount of required time you must subscribe before cancelling without incurring a cancellation fee.  See below for more information about each service.  

Adobe Stock

For Adobe Stock, I pay $30 a month for 10 images and what I do not use, rolls over to the next month.  I like Adobe Stock because their options are limitless.  This can also be a con however, because the range of quality goes from cheesy used-car-dealership-style to instagrammable influencer hit.  The ticket to mastering Adobe Stock is the keyword search function.  Know the keywords of what you need and know your brand colors.  Use the filtering function to separate unrelated media and fine tune what you want, and you will increase your chance of striking stock photo gold.

Stock that Rocks

Stock that Rocks is perfect for female entrepreneurs in the digital space who want that classic minimalist Instagram look.  In the case of Sesh, our brand is clean, sophisticated, organic and minimalist and fits in nicely with the Stock that Rocks photo styling.  Their stock photos resonate with our brand, so it was a seamless fit.  I've been extremely pleased with the quality and content of the photos and they also add new themes regularly.

Stock that Rocks has two subscription options depending on your need.  The first is their unlimited stock subscription which is $75 a month.  I don't have a need for that many photos and the price is more than Sesh can afford, so I have the $29 B-School subscription which includes 15 photos a month (use them or lose them) and access to special content.  Honestly, I am in it mostly for the photos, but if you are a blogger or other digital entrepreneur, I could see the extra content being a major plus.  The con of Stock that Rocks is the site's functionality.  It can be really slow transitioning from page to page.  According to the site's pop-up, the owners are updating the site, so hopefully the bandwidth will be increased too.

Other Sites I have Used in the Past  

Styled Stock Society


Death to Stock

Creative Market

Of course, this list isn't exhaustive.  If you use stock photos, please share your favorite services and sites in the comments below!