6 Ways to Meet People in a New Place

Moving to a new place can be challenging, to say the least.  Maggie and I (Meredith) have both experienced the struggle of transplanting our families to a new state and know firsthand the struggles of finding oneself in a new place.

From learning to navigate a new city to boxes, boxes, boxes, and more boxes, the struggle of moving is very real. But the worst challenge of all?

How to find your people?
Where to go to seek community and like-minded individuals who just get you?

Look no further! Here’s our comprehensive list of how to find like-minded community IRL.

6 Ways to Meet People in a New Place | Sesh Coworking - Houston's first female-focused coworking

Start with social media

Facebook Groups are an obvious place to start. Begin by searching your interests in the form of keywords along with city or area in which you live. Start specific and move to broader keywords as needed.

On Instagram, search hashtags that include your city name and connect with accounts that use those hashtags either through a DM or simply by commenting on a photo. The Instagram platform is not as great as Facebook for fostering face-to-face community, but through some strategic search efforts, it can definitely be done. Be sure to keep your searches broad in order to view the most options.

LinkedIn is a fantastic resource for finding professional communities and organizations. Simply introduce yourself to fellow members of your industry through DM and ask about organizations to join.

Meetup.com is one of the most comprehensive lists of organizations and meetups in the nation. In Meetup, anyone can start a group, so the groups range from as broad as the Moms Club of Houston-West to hyper-specific groups like the Tibetan Feng Shui group.

Not seeing a group that suits your interests? Start one and let the community come to you! (After all, this is exactly how I began Sesh Coworking over two years ago). The great aspect of these groups is you can introduce yourself and start a rapport with the people of the community prior to meeting in person.


Volunteering at a local nonprofit is not only a great way to give back to the city where you live, but is also a fantastic way to meet new friends!

Get to know the parents at your child’s school

Offer to help in the classroom, host play dates for your child’s classmates and parents and attend school functions. The school itself is its own micro-community but will also give you an avenue to discover other active communities in the area through the other classroom parents.

Join a church congregation

Shared spiritual practice and belief is one of the deepest ties a person can have with their community. Finding a congregation that feels right for your spiritual practice is a fantastic way to connect with a community.

Join a coworking space

Of course, Maggie and I wholeheartedly believe in the power of community through coworking but look out — not every coworking space is the same. Look for a space that offers a robust programming calendar and don’t be too shy to visit a bit to get to know the environment. Many coworking spaces boast about community but fall far short of creating one that is authentic and organic..

Meet the community manager in the coworking space and ask about their involvement in the community. Is the community manager someone you might connect with? Do they get you excited to be a part of the space? If the answer is yes, then the space and community are likely to be a good fit for you.

Here at Sesh Coworking, a genuine and authentic community is our number one priority. We began as a community-centric organization and that is how we’ll remain.  Learning the needs of the women in the group, providing support, offering a listening ear, and remaining authentic ourselves are all strategies we use to keep our community strong, supportive, and reliable.

When all else fails...

Google! Your perfect community is 100% in that list of 9,000 results. A little patience and time and you will find it.

If you would like to find community through a coworking space and you’re in the Houston area, we’d love for you to join us! WIth our Community Membership, you’ll get some amazing perks. Unlimited coworking sessions, event discounts, a supportive community, and so much more. Are you in? Join us!

Sesh Community Members: Favorite Podcasts

Member Recommendations-3.png

At our last Coffee + Coworking sesh at Neo Baguette in the Heights, our attending members each shared a podcast that they loved and would recommend to others. The podcasts’ overarching categories ranged from business-support to self-help to Buffy the Vampire Slayer…?

Check out what’s got our members hooked.


Buffering the Vampire Slayer

“I recommend Buffering the Vampire Slayer for fans who love reliving the seriers and enjoying the ingenuity of the wife co-host duo. They bring a new perspective - and their respective talents - to the cult favorite with their sense of humor, engaging discourse, and end-of-episode songs that summarize the episode from Buffy’s perspective. One of the highlights of my week and a must-listen for me!”

Sophie Newman, Branding and Marketing Strategist

Call Your Girlfriend

“Call Your Girlfriend is a podcast for long-distance besties everywhere. It is a weekly chat between two feminist writers and culture makers who love on each other, critique society, talk books, current events, self-care and snacks. They talk taboo topics like periods, poop, and money, telling the truth and laughing all the way. Get a glass of wine or get behind the wheel for a road trip and change your life.

Eva Blake, Sex and Intimacy Coach

46753623_1128570783970153_1801442715691384832_n - Meredith Wheeler.jpg

Lisa Chow.jpg

Second Life

“Second Life interviews inspiring women who have done great things after major career changes. Every time I feel like my work isn't where it 'should' be, I listen to the stories of amazing women who have found success later in life and after failures. It's the ultimate motivational entrepreneurial listen. “

Lisa Chow, Artist

What We Do

“I am a big Jane Austen fan and I love anyone who loves Jane Austen. Kira Kazantsev starts all her podcast, What We Do, with a Jane Austen quote that she lives by: “It isn’t what we say or think that defines us, but what we do.

She hosts a number of inspiring and young entrepreneurs on her show. It is a community of women who support each other and also learn a lot in the process. It is interesting and motivational.”

Supriya Yadav, Founder of For Women in India

MaggieSegrich10.18 - Headshot.010.jpeg


“I love me a good murder mystery! So when I found Serial I was entranced. It is enthralling - I talked about it so much that my cousin and my husband both started listening to it and we would obsess over the details of the case together. However, be forewarned; you will be listening so intently that you’ll stop what you are doing - which can be a problem if you’re actually trying to get stuff done! ;-)”

Maggie Segrich, jewelry designer

3 Goal Setting Myths + Truths


It's that time again when no one eats cake anymore because they are all on a diet for the new year. My head spins from the conversations about what people are giving up, losing, or finally going to change this year.

Today, I chose three myths to tackle with a mindset shift for each.


This dream is too big, "I can't do that, it's reaching too high". Conversely, there's also a pervasive fear of playing too small, "I really want this, but am afraid it's not big or important enough."


There is a myth in the air that goal setting is only for HUGE plans. If you're not aiming for a million dollars or to change the world, then you shouldn't even get out of bed, let alone set a goal. Relax people! The point isn't to be as big as Oprah or Tony Robbins...tomorrow. Goal setting is about clarifying what your personal best life looks like, so that you can move forward with purpose. Being your best self and living a life that brings you joy does serve the world! The ripple effects are huge.

I know that I have been inspired most in my life by people who are living their truth on purpose. Quietly, consistently, joyfully staying in their truth. Yes, I am inspired by the huge world-changing goals such as the purpose of Rachel Hollis motivating women around the country Tony Robbins-style.

But I am also inspired by a friend, who is environmentally-focused, to switch to cloth napkins and ditch paper at home. Her goal wasn't to change the world - her goal was to reduce paper waste in her home. And that inspired me to do the same.

Your dream is your dream. Your goals are your own. They are not up for judgement and there is no comparison. Be who you are, love what you love, and stay true to your path. You may never know how far your ripple goes.


I'll set this New Year's resolution to fix that thing that I hate about myself or my life.


New Year's resolutions like "lose 40 lbs" or "get out of debt" may sound like things you want, but I have to tell you, it's like running a marathon -- backwards. When you are running (or even driving for that matter), you move towards the place you are looking. It has been said that if you're in the lead, the fastest way to lose a race is to look behind you. Where you are looking, where your eyes are focused, is where you will go. So it stands to reason that the weight or the debt are things you want to leave behind, right?

Where do you want to go? What are you moving towards? Keep your eyes on the positive end result that you want. Flip the script.

Lose 40 lbs becomes: Feel good in my body by moving and exercising three times per week. Play outdoor games with my children. Find a menu plan that works with my schedule that's full of delicious, healthy food that fuels my body.

Get out of debt becomes: Take a financial literacy class. Create a budget that allows me to feel confident and aligned in my spending and saving habits. Work with a financial planner to be able to send my kids to college with ease.

You are not bad. There's nothing 'wrong' with you that you need to fix with a New Year's resolution. You'll be amazed at how fast things change and how good you feel when you focus on something that lifts you up.


I tried setting goals but I have failed to reach them. I will fail again and feel bad, so I don't set goals or resolutions anymore.


Is a dollar bill worth anything less than a dollar if you tell it repeatedly that it's not worth that much? If you disparage that dollar bill enough, will it lose value? If you hand it to someone behind a register will they look at you and say, "I'm sorry, this dollar bill is worthless and you should throw it away. Do you have another more accomplished dollar bill in your wallet?” Nope, not gonna happen. The same is true of you.

Setting goals is not a pass/fail binary! Allow yourself the grace to say, “I tried getting there one way and something about that didn't work, perhaps I can find a way that will”. Goal setting can be incredibly empowering, even if you don't get it right on the first try. Switch up the word failed for the word learned. It's a great way to flip the script in your own head regarding goal setting or anything else in your life for that matter.

I have so many more radical and fun ideas about goal setting and achieving your purpose in a new way and I'll be sharing a few of them when I take over the @GirlSesh Instagram on Thursday, January 17th.

I'll also be sharing my full goal setting practice at the Visual Goal Setting workshop on January 24, 2019, 9 AM - 12 PM at The Creative Chateau and I hope you’ll join me! Ticket information can be found here.

Alignment, focus, and envisioning your ideal future with a group of like-minded, goal-oriented women in a historic Parisian-style apartment in Houston surrounded by creativity and art supplies, led by a visual artist. Can you think of a better way to spend a morning?