Free iPhone Wallpaper - Brightest Stars

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Winter is here in Houston, Texas which means we are in for temperatures zig zagging between cold and colder, tropical plants hiding under blankets and sweaters, sweaters, sweaters.

During winter I find it difficult to push through the overcast days, seeking energy and motivation which cannot be found. Often times, a lack of sunshine not only makes me feel lethargic, but also gives my brain the thumbs up to enter into the dark zone - depression. I was not a woman built for long winters and overcast days (it seems most Houstonians I speak to feel the same). In times like these, I like to remind myself that winter is not forever and the sunshine will return. A gentle nudge and a little perspective can work wonders.

I created this iPhone wallpaper/unlock screen combo to remind you that great and wonderful things can come from the dark, both metaphorically and literally (have you ever seen a baby raccoon eating at night? It is indisputably the most adorable thing in the world).

So download it, upload it and never forget;

Without the dark,

we would never Know just how greatly we can shine.