Kelin Marquet

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Kelin Marquet

Owner of Art-n-Fly

Industry: eCommerce

Company: Art-n-Fly

Role/Title: Owner

Do you want to know who you are? Don’t ask! Act! Action will define and delineate you.
— Thomas Jefferson

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Instagram Handle: @artnfly

Facebook Page: @artnfly

LinkedIn: @IN/KelinMarquet

Get to know me

In my "past life", I was a chemical engineer working on oil rigs in the North Sea (Norway and Scotland), where I met my husband (he's from France, I'm from Canada). We moved to Houston and I went back to school for a masters (in Petroleum Engineering) that I never used because I realized I wanted to be in control of my own time, so I graduated and then started my first eCommerce business! About a year later, we bought another, much larger business; an art supply company called Art-n-Fly.

My husband still works on rotation out of the Ivory Coast and the business consumes my life (don't listen to anyone who tells you eCommerce = 4 hour work week), but I absolutely love it. My primary goal for the next couple years is to grow to a size where my husband can quit his day job and focus on Art-n-Fly full time with me and eventually hire a few other full-time employees (we have one part-time employee at the moment and a few contractors). I'm a mother of two, but hopefully by the time anyone else reads this, it will be three (#3 was due 10 days ago!).

Who is your biggest Girl Crush and why?

Mimi Thorisson, a French blogger and mother of 8 (!!). I love how she cultivates beauty in every aspect of her life, travels with her kids, and lives life on her own terms! She inspires me to be very conscious of the environment I create and reminds me that it is me who is creating it just from seeing how she lives her own life (also I love her recipes).

What is your Spirit Animal and why?

An energizer bunny because I'm always moving, always going!

What is your favorite leisure spot, restaurant or gathering space in Houston?

Currently EggHaus (at least that's where I've been going when I want to work outside the house- it's around the corner from me and has great matcha lattes).

Why do you want to be a part of the Sesh Community?

Because working for yourself can be lonely and I love to get out and around other women doing the same thing! Also, the old "you are who you surround yourself with" - it always helps to be around people of the same mindset.

What special skill, talent or gift would you like to give back to the Sesh Community?

I am always happy to talk to people about getting started in eCommerce, running a fairly large eCommerce company, or purchasing an existing company!

I am most interested in:

  • Friendship

  • Networking

  • Motherhood Support

What are some small things that make your day better?

Matcha lattes and cuddles from my kids.