Amanda Bowman

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Amanda Bowman

Owner of Amanda Bee’s Floral Designs

Industry: Floral Design

Company: Amanda Bee’s Floral Designs LLC

Role/Title: Owner and Head Designer

Be lazy, do it right the first time
— My Mom

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Instagram Handle: @amandabeefloral

Facebook Page: @amandabeefloral

Twitter: @amandabeefloral

Get to know me

Alvin, TX native. Flowers are my life. Married my high school sweetheart. Graduated from A&M in Horticulture (2015 #Whoop). Love Netflix. Love dogs. Cats are okay. Really like food.

Who is your biggest Girl Crush and why?

My mom! Reasons including her drive to be successful regardless of hurdles (like being a woman in the corporate world in the 80's).

What is your Spirit Animal and why?

Raccoon. Sneaky, cheeky but a little crabby when hungry.

What is your favorite leisure spot, restaurant or gathering space in Houston?

Decatur Bar and Pop up Factory!

Why do you want to be a part of the Sesh Community?

Because I want to.

What special skill, talent or gift would you like to give back to the Sesh Community?

Would love to give back with flowers and knowledge of flowers!

I am most interested in:

  • Collaboration

  • Friendship

  • Networking

What are some small things that make your day better?

When people let me in when merging on the freeway. Like you are supposed to. It’s called a zipper merge for a reason.